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Forté Agent is a program that can download contents from Usenet
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Forte Agent is a unique software which acts as a newsreader and can be used for email as well. Its features are very distinct as compared to the rest, Agent supports vEnc encoding and along with that it joined multi-part binaries. It is among the first group to do that. It has a vast set of commands that can be used for searching, filtering and navigation.

The user can send any number of mails through many STMP servers and POP accounts. The same can be done for receiving. Along with that there is no fear of trojans and viruses. Here junk messages are removed with no threat to ethical messages by the help of the Agent, which combines identity management and Bayesian Statistics. There is also an advantage of many news servers along with e-mail accounts.

If the user finds news with missing parts, then Forte Agent becomes a big help by combining all the missing chunks from different servers to give complete news. Through the Agent, the user can combine news by getting headers from one and bodies from another server. Along with that download cost is also reduced. The user is now able to view images of Email or Usenet in the body itself or in another window. Attachments can be stored anywhere you wish. A separate attachment folder can be created for each group of news.

For Identity Management also, Forte Agent can be taught to drag messages to folders capable of routing for automatic routing and doing files. For easy downloading, Forte Agent marks messages and groups and parallel tasks are done for total utilization of servers.

Personas for news or email can be created for making an identity in the Internet. Agent remembers this thing and helps the user all the time; contacts are entered in a new mail. As Forte Agent memorizes identities, someone could also use it illegally, so it must be used with caution.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Gives the advantage of combining different news servers


  • Memorized identities could be used illegaly
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